WPH is a Firewise Community

Winter Park Highlands was just the second neighborhood in Grand County to earn recognition as a National Fire Protection Association Firewise Community, way back in 2013.


What makes a community “Firewise?”

Firewise communities are those that have taken appropriate measures to become more resistant to wildfire structural damage. An online Firewise Toolkit, including a Firewise tips checklist for homeowners, is available on the Firewise website.


Firewise techniques include minimizing the risk of home ignition by carefully landscaping around residential structures such as thinning trees and brush and choosing fire-resistant plants, selecting ignition-resistant building materials and positioning structures away from slopes.


In addition, communities that have earned the special distinction of being recognized under the Firewise USA™ Program have followed a systematic approach to organizing and implementing a Firewise mitigation plan in their neighborhood.

Evacuation map

Click here for the updated WPH map that now contains evacuation routes in case of a fire. 

WPHA receives national attention for its firewise efforts

Check out the article published on the national Firewise website, including a photo of our second cistern. Also see our WPHA Firewise Case Study – it is amazing how much we have accomplished in the last nine years. Thanks to board member Karen Bishop for authoring the study.

Homeowners insurance discount

It is our understanding that anyone who lives within the WPHA Firewise Boundary Area and is a regular member of WPHA who contributes to our fire mitigation fund could qualify for an insurance discount. Check with your insurance agent for details.

Firewise newsletter

The latest Newsletter from the National Firewise organization is available online. The organization’s website, firewise.org, has lots of other helpful information as well. Can’t hurt to get an early start on planning for our summer fire season! Also check out the updated State Pile Construction Guide relating to burning of slash piles.

Replays of virtual workshops

Replays of the four Virtual Workshops presented by the national Firewise organization in July, August, September and October 2014 are available on demand here. The Workshops were on the following topics:


  • Understanding How Embers Ignite Roofs in a Wildland Fire and How to Make Your Roof More Survivable
  • Mulch Combustibility – Choosing the Right Type for Your Wildland/Urban Interface Home
  • Surviving Wildfire – Get Prepared, Stay Alive, Rebuild Your Life
  • Improving Access for Wildland Firefighters

Helpful Firewise videos

Here are links to two Firewise videos that provide lots of good information on protecting your home from wildfires. Take a few minutes (the videos aren’t long) to learn simple steps that you can take to increase the chance that your home could survive a wildfire.


  1. Wildfire: Preventing Home Ignitions (click here Pt. 1, here Pt. 2)
  2. Protecting Your Home From Wildfire (click here)

Building a Firewise home

The Colorado State Forest Service has published an excellent brochure called Firewise Construction – Design and Materials that contains a lot of interesting information and good ideas for building a firewise home. Check it out here.

Grand County Wildfire Readiness website

Grand County, through the generous support of The Grand Foundation, has put up a new website focusing on wildfire readiness and survival. Check it out at www.bewildfireready.org.

Natural disaster preparedness guide

The folks at Expertise.com have prepared a guide with helpful tips on how to prepare for a variety of natural disasters. Check it out here.

Mitigation expenses state tax deduction

The Colorado Legislature has passed and Governor Hickenlooper has signed a bill extending the mitigation expenses deduction against federal taxable income on Colorado income tax returns through tax year 2024. As originally enacted the deduction was available only through tax year 2013. See the text of the operative statute here.