What We Do

Recent HOA accomplishments

Some of the accomplishments of the Association’s volunteer Board of Directors include:

  1. Completed construction of our fourth 30,000 gallon underground water cistern with fire hydrant to expand firefighting resources in the Highlands using member dues and grant funds awarded to the Association by the Bureau of Land Management and concerned citizens throughout the Highlands.
  2. Installing CWPP-compliant house address signs to improve emergency response vehicle identification in the event of emergencies. Our sign has become the standard for the county and is now being adopted by other homeowner associations. These address signs are installed at no cost to HOA members. Additionally, we will install address signs at non-member properties for a fee.
  3. Continuing to make the Winter Park Highlands a safer place to live by improving Firewise awareness in areas such as lot clearing of dead and down trees, juniper bush removal, and clearing of immediate wildfire hazards around structures.
  4. Continuing to maintain and further develop our strong relationships with Grand County, the Colorado State Forest Service, BLM, and neighboring communities.

Ongoing matters

On an ongoing basis the Association handles such matters as:

  1. reviewing plans for new construction to insure WPH covenants are met. Questions? Contact Scott McNally at scott@mcnarybergeron.com.
  2. working with Grand County on road maintenance issues
  3. working with Grand County to assure proper and adequate road signage
  4. working with property owners to assure adequate and visible signage identifying their property address
  5. educating property owners on defensible space and fuel reduction issues
  6. hosting an annual picnic and meeting (second weekend in August)
  7. maintaining this website as a communications channel and keeping owners updated through emails

All these efforts have helped raise the profile of the Association in the County.

Help us move forward in making our community a better and safer place to live by joining now.