Refresher on mountain driving

Sometimes we all need a little reminder about the rules of the road. Colorado has adopted specific rules that relate to driving on narrow roads in the mountains, such as the roads in Winter Park Highlands. Specifically, on narrow hilly roads the uphill driver has the right of way — the downhill driver must yield to the uphill driver. Take note of the new sign recently installed by the Grand County Road and Bridge Department on CR 858.

Parking and snow piles

This is a reminder that during the winter snow plowing season, the following County and State laws apply to all of the roads in Winter Park Highlands:


  1. It is illegal to park on roads on a snow routes including WPHA Commons cul-de-sac GCR 8564, which is a County Road.
  2. It is against state law to leave snow piles on roads. This has become a problem in the Highlands where some people clear their driveway and leave snow piles on roads after county plows have come through. It may be days before plows come through again to clear the roads.

All residents are strongly urged to heed these regulations for the safety and convenience of everyone. There have been some problems recently, including parking at WPHA Commons, that have hampered County snow plow operations.

Match road names to numbers

Check out our helpful chart correlating county road numbers with the Highlands’ own more charming street names.