Our Board

Board of directors 2023-2024

Mike Hagerty


Term ends 2024

Tod Smith

Vice President

Term ends 2024

Lynette Teichman


Term ends 2024

Wendy Mielke


Term ends 2023

Barbara Lawler

Term ends 2025

Terry Heckmaster

Term ends 2023

Eric Richards

Term ends 2024

Roles and responsibilities of WPHA directors

  • Review financial status and review and approve expenditure requests.
  • Establish a review of policies and objectives and ensure compliance.
  • Give a monthly report for any subcommittee the director chairs.
  • Participate in WPHA activities when possible.
  • Be a positive influence with other members and set an example by abiding by all policies.
  • Develop long-term goals and a strategic plan for WPHA; make certain that decisions are made in the greater interest of the membership.
  • Be prepared to attend a board meeting 4 times per year. While it is not necessary for a board member to be a permanent resident, you should be available for conference calls.
  • It is essential that, once you leave a board meeting, you are supportive of board decisions and respect the confidentiality of them. A director does not act alone but works as a team member of the board. Expect no favoritism.

In summary, a board member is not nominated to represent a particular interest group. You as WPHA members should elect board members who are knowledgeable, articulate, provide business and social skills, do not have a conflict of interest or personal agenda, and are respected by fellow members. Remember, we are looking for candidates who will have the drive and desire to achieve all that is best for the community and its members. Success in being a great board member derives not from how much you have to say, but from the relevance of the questions you ask. 


WPHA carries liability insurance on WPHA Commons and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance for Board members.