Open burning & slash piles

From Grand Fire Protection District No. 1: Rules Regarding Open Burning, Including Slash Piles


Open burning season in Grand County commences after 3-6” of snow has accumulated, usually sometime in November, and is open through March. If you are burning piles greater than three (3) feet in diameter and two (2) feet in height and less than 15’x15’, you must obtain a free permit from the GCDNR. It is illegal to burn any pile over three feet before burn season or without a permit!! The permit application can be accessed here.


Note: if your piles are 15’ or larger at the base, the permit cost is $50.00.


After your permit application is received, GCDNR will review your project and notify you when it is approved. You must call them at 970-887-0745 on the days you wish to burn to see if burning is approved for that day in your area. Remember, there should be SNOW on the GROUND where you are burning. Here is a link to the GCDNR pile burning guidelines.