WPHA cisterns

Installation of Cistern No. 1, 30,000 gallon underground water cistern with fire hydrant, was completed in November 2013. The cistern is full and ready for use in the event of an emergency. The final bill for this cistern was $80,000. Three sources of funds paid for the installation: a BLM grant ($45,000); WPHA matching funds ($14,000); and donations ($16,000).


The third cistern is now complete. It is located at the corner of Blue Jay and Elkhorn – see our new map of WPHA’s Firewise Boundary


As we discussed at the annual meeting, our next cistern is scheduled to be constructed at the top of CR 855, Rainbow Lane. With our current bank balance and the 2020 dues, we will be able to accomplish this in late summer or early fall of 2020. We have been in contact with our previous contractors to ensure their availability.


Next cistern: We need your help

We are starting to search for a site for our next cistern which we hope will be in 2022 or 2023. Since our Regional BLM contact has indicated grant money should be more available for fuel reduction, our sole source of funding may be from our dues and contributions to the TAX DEDUCTIBLE Donor Advised Fund at The Grand Foundation.

You can donate in two ways:

(1) Our Donor Advised Fund at the Grand Foundation, which allows donations to our cistern projects to be tax deductible, is still in place. Make your check payable to The Grand Foundation and direct it to Megan Ledin, Executive Director, The Grand Foundation, PO Box 1342, Winter Park, CO 80482. Be sure to put WPHA DAF in the memo line.

(2) Donate using PayPal by going to the Dues and Donations page of this website where you will find a direct link to PayPal.